Limited Edition signed copies of the new album 'BRING OUT YOUR DEAD' available when you pre-order the album!

    Click Here for details including artwork!!


    Area 54 have named the new album 'BRING OUT YOUR DEAD', more details of the album coming soon!

  • (19/12/06) MERRY CHRISTMAS

    from AREA 54

  • (16/11/06) DRUMMER STILL NEEDED!

    We are still looking for a suitable drummer.  

    If you are interested, e-mail : lakisarea54(at)yahoo.co.uk


  • (29/10/06) NEW BASSIST ANNOUNCED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • (27/07/06) NEW ALBUM IS BEING MIXED!

    To read about this and make a charming comment, Click Here

  • (08/05/06) BASSIST NEEDED

    Area 54 now need a bassist to complete the line-up. If you think you are up to the job, cotact Lakis. Please pass this news on to anyone who might be interested. The sooner we can get the next phase of Area 54 up and running, the sooner we can release the new album & tour!


    If you or anyone you know might be interested in auditioning for the band, e-mail Lakis at : lakisarea54@yahoo.co.uk The reasons behind the split will be explained very soon in the Area 54 forum.

  • Make sure you listen to the Total Rock interview which is now on Saturday 6th May at 7pm www.totalrock.com


    Total Rock have asked Lakis to put the interview back by a few days, new details will be posted soon, so check back.


    Lakis will be interviewed on 29th April at 18:00 on Total Rock Radio (www.totalrock.com) to let you all know what's going on with the band, and what the future holds for Area 54.

    Tune in to this one...

  • (20/04/06) AREA 54 TRACK TO BE USED ON STUNT DVD!!

    A stunt DVD coming out on www.indecline.com by 'Retardz' (we should get on well), are to use the Area 54 track 'Beckoning of the End'!!!


    Area 54 finished recording their new album a short while ago, and are now waiting to go in and mix the album, which we intend to start within the next week or two, once our engineer has finished video editing Arch Enemy!


    Finally, the Area 54/Guns N' Roses 'Madagascar' questions that you've been asking have been answered.. Click link to read!


  • (14/12/05) NEW VIDEO CLIP!

    Some video of Lakis recording the new album has now been added to the downloads video page. The piano clip is actually from the demo recording, Right click and 'save target as' Lakis' Video

  • (01/12/05) NEW FORUMS!

    Area 54 have now moved to a new forum. We now have access to greater features and options, and it's all purple! Please sign up and post your thoughts, and remember to update your bookmarks.

    The UltimateMetal Forum has been fantastic, but will very soon be closed.

    Area 54

  • (02/11/05) NO VISIBLE ALBUM!

    Those who know the band will probably know that AREA 54 have never been happy with the debut 'No Visible Scars', although we've been selling it since it was released, we've always been very unhappy with the production & artwork etc. even whilst recording the album, we could see trouble ahead, but when you're young, naive & told that it will work out, you have to believe them.

    By the time we were ready to do vocals, we suspected that things were not going to get much better.

    So anyway, to cut a long story short, we have finally managed to buy the rights to the album back from our then label, and in doing so, we feel the next step for us is to sell what we have left, and not get any more pressed. Please understand that we've talked about deleting this album before it even hit the shops, and to finally be able to take this step is a huge weight off of our shoulders. We know some of you will be disappointed, but for the band, this really is the only way forward...

    As for our new album, we've been out of the studio for a while, but we're going back in soon to get the vocals finished & it's all sounding amazing!!

    If you want a copy of 'No Visible Scars', buy it from our shop while it is still available!

  • (18/10/05) Welcome to the new AREA 54 website! Take a look around, there's lots of cool new things added such as fan art, the new AREA 54 shop, photos etc. We'll be adding to this site often & revealing more about the new album we're currently recording, so check back often. We have not forgotten about the FAQ for the unreleased Guns N' Roses song 'Madagascar'.that we recorded a while back, we've just been really busy, but we promise to answer that soon!

  • (20/09/05) Please note: to view any of the following files you will need DivX codec. It can be downloaded here: www.divx.com

    AREA 54 have added another video clip of the recording sessions for you, so check them out - this time it's of Steve doing his thang & being the bad boy of the band!!!. Check out bad boy Steve soon, as we can't tell how long we'll keep these clips available for. They are slightly big files, but it's worth it, so right click & 'save target as' : click here.

  • (02/09/05) 'MADAGASCAR' FAQ

    The Guns N' Roses track 'Madagascar' that we recently recorded has resulted in a lot of questions from all over the world. We have been trying to reply to all e-mails but are currently in the recording studio and we don't have time to answer all. Rather than answering the same questions again & again, we've decided to set up a FAQ to clear things up. If you have any questions you want to submit, you can e-mail us at : lakisarea54@yahoo.co.uk
    Please put 'MADDY' in the subject box and we'll answer it if we can. Those who will then accuse AREA 54 of trying to gain publicity, there's one simple way to avoid this - don't ask any questions!

  • (27/06/2005) AREA 54 have just done the first five days in the studio. We have a few days out now, and go back in soon to continue.. All drums are done, it's sounding brilliant already, even with only the guide guitars, so things are looking good!

  • (07/04/05) The two new demo tracks 'MY HATE' & 'LOSING GRIP' that Area 54 recently recorded are now online along with older tracks 'BECKONING OF THE END' and 'IN MY BLOOD'. To listen, turn your speakers on and Click here!